About fifteen years ago, the interest started in photography and with time, the enthusiasm developed continuously, so that soon the decision was to go one step further.

For many years I am a freelance photographer who practices his profession with passion and precision. Over time, I have gained a lot of experience in different areas of photography.

The spectrum ranges from the landscape, nature and architectural photography through to the product and studio photography with people.

Meantime I am concentrating mainly on photo shoots, wedding photography and commercial photography.

„Ein Bild gibt uns das Gefühl, die ganze Welt in den Händen zu halten. Fotos sind Dokumente des Augenblicks, des Lebens, der Geschichte. Die Fotografie verwandelt die Welt in ein ewig fortbestehendes Angebot, aus der Wirklichkeit in das Reich der Fantasie, aus dem Schmerz in die Freude zu fliehen – durch das Fenster der Seele, das Auge.“
Mario Cohen